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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pond Fountain

Written on August 23, 2018   By   in Real Estate

Most homeowners are extremely passionate about fixing up their residence and making it look its best. Choosing the right additions for a home is no easy job. If a person is a fan of water and the great outdoors, having a pond constructed is a good idea.

Once this new addition is in place, a homeowner may want to add a fountain to their pond. Not only will a fountain in the pond be appealing, it can provide aeration to the water. Before choosing a pond fountain, here are some of the things a person will need to remember.

Abide by the Six Feet Rule

Before heading out to shop for a new pond fountain, a person will need to find out more information about their pond. Knowing how deep the pond is will help an individual narrow down the selection of fountains on the market. Generally, mountain one of these fountains in a pond that is deep than six feet is not a good idea.

Most of the fountains on the market can only aerate water at a depth of six feet. Neglecting to consider this factor can lead to a person wasting their hard-earned money on a fountain they can’t use.

Properly Sizing the Fountain

The next consideration a person will need to make when choosing a pond fountain is its shape. Generally, using a uniformly shaped fountain is the best way to ensure it works properly. Once a homeowner has chosen a shape, they need to think about things like the spray pattern and horsepower.

If a homeowner is inexperienced when it comes to pond fountains, letting a professional weigh in on this decision is a must. The last thing a homeowner wants is to choose the wrong fountain due to a lack of knowledge and experience.

Before using a particular pond fountain supplier, a person will need to take some time to find out about their reputation and experience. Going online and looking around at the various pond fountains on the market is a good idea. A person can find out more information about the fountain options at their disposal by working with a reputable supplier.